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Rock Chip Repairs & Auto Glass Replacements

We are dedicated to providing fast professional great service.

From calling in your free rock chip repair to your insurance, to replacing your auto glass properly.

We aim for exceptional service!


Professional Rock Chip Repairs &
Auto Glass Replacement Services

At Lightning Auto Glass Services we have certified technicians that are trained to provide exceptional great service. Whether it is a rock chip repair, crack repair, or an auto glass replacement we strive to be the best in the industry.

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  • Certified Technicians
    Our technicians are certified and trained in providing exceptional service.
  • It's Free
    In Texas most insurance companies cover Rock Chip Repairs for FREE with no penalties, for the few that don't check our pricing. “Need to Replace?
    Let us provide you with a free quote.”
  • Our Dedication
    We are dedicated to providing
    Fast professional customer service. From calling in your free rock chip repair to your insurance, to replacing your auto glass properly. We aim for exceptional service!
  • We Help The World
    Did you know because of the structure of windshields they can not be recycled easily? Therefore, by fixing chips instead of replacing the windshield you are not only saving money, you will also be saving the environment.
Our Services

Glass Repair & Replacement

Rock Chip Repair

Windshield Repairs, or how they are More commonly called, Rock Chip Repairs is a process where you inject a specific high quality clear resin into a chipped windshield through a machine that cycles between a vacuum and pressure cycle. It is then cured with UV light. If they are less than the diameter of a quarter (25¢), they are usually easily fixed. If the chip has already cracked out then there is still a chance we can fix it. Just head to any of our open Lightning Rock Chip Repair stores around town and a technician can provide you with their expert advice. If it can not be fixed then we can provide a Free Quote to replace your auto glass.

Lifetime Warranty

Auto Glass Replacement

Auto Glass Replacement is the process where a shattered or broken auto glass is replaced entirely with a new one. It requires proper alignment, sealing to prevent leakage and sometimes re-calibrating any sensors. We do provide a lifetime guarantee on the seals. Contact us for a Free Quote.

Our Partners

All Insurance Accepted

We offer lifetime guarantees on all our Auto glass Rock Chip Repairs and always take pride in providing friendly Lightning fast service. We are part of the National Insurance Glass Program and all our technicians are NWRA certified. Meaning, Auto glass repairs are free with most insurances! Lightning Rock Chip Repair offers: Windshield repair, crack repair, windscreen repair, auto glass repair, certified auto glass technicians, star break repair, bullseye repair, and stone chip repairs. We are proud to serve Texas’ windshield repair needs: including Houston, Sugar Land, Cypress, Spring, Conroe, The Woodlands, Katy and many more…

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