*Its Free!!!

*In Texas if you have comprehensive coverage most insurance companies will waive the deductible and provide Rock chip repair at no cost to you. Remember this is a cost savings program for insurance companies.  Most insurance companies prefer you fix the chip over replacing your windshield and will even state it on their website.

“If you windshield is cracked but hasn’t shattered, a qualified windshield specialist can help you make the decision about repair or replacement is better for your vehicle.  According to the National Windshield Repair Association (NWRA), repair is generally much less expensive than replacement, provided it’s appropriate. The NWRA suggests that repairs should be carried out as soon as possible, to prevent cracks developing or getting worse.” (Allstate)

“There are many advantages to having you windshield repaired right away: Protect your vehicle – Your windshield repair helps maintain the structural integrity of the vehicle. Save money – if you carry comprehensive auto insurance coverage, Nationwide will waive you deductible for windshield repairs. (Nationwide)

Just come by any of our shops and we’ll help you.  You will still get done in about 15 minutes.
No Insurance?  No Problem!
Out of Pocket Pricing for Repairs
1st Chip
1.5 Inch Diameter or Smaller
Short Crack
6 Inches or Shorter
Additional Chip(s)
1.5 Inch Diameter or Smaller
Long Crack
6 Inches or Longer
We do offer a coupon, just print it out and come visit us.
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